Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

  • New user?
  • New users should first log into the ILL using their John Jay email username (excluding the ending) and password. If you do not know your username and/or password or if you're having difficulty logging in, contact the John Jay Technology Helpdesk at 212-237-8200 or You can also contact the ILL office at Once you login you will be prompted to complete a registration form. Please complete the registration form. You can then proceed to request items.

  • Forgot your username and password?
  • You can reset your password by using the Department of Information Technology's (DoIT) Self-Service Password Management(SSPM) system at:

    For additional help with your John Jay username or password, please contact the DoIT Helpdesk at:


Frequently asked questions

  • What can I request?
  • Current John Jay faculty and their authorized undergraduate research assistants, graduate students, and full-time staff can can request books, articles, book chapters, media items, and other materials that are not available via the John Jay College Library and that cannot be requested through CLICS. Undergraduate students are allowed to request articles and scans of items.
    Interlibrary Loan is for research purposes only.Materials requested should not be available via the John Jay College library. Please note that there may be copyright or other fees associated with your request. We will notify you via email if there are any such fees.

  • How many requests can I submit?
  • Up to ten items per week. Please note that according to copyright guidelines, we may have to limit the number of articles requested per journal title published within the last five years.

  • Who can use ILL?
  • Current John Jay faculty and their authorized undergraduate research assistants, graduate students and full time staff may use ILL. Undergraduate students are allowed to request articles and scans of items. John Jay alumni do not have ILL privileges. Visiting scholars can use ILL if they have been cleared by the Office for the Advancdement of Research. ILL users can designate a "proxy", an alternate person who can retrieve ILL items for them, by adding the proxy's name in their ILL account. Please note that ILL users are still responsible for any items lost by their proxy.

  • How do I renew my book(s)?
  • Request a renewal by logging into your ILL account. Click on the "Checked out /renew" tab. Click on the transaction number for the item you wish to renew. Then click on the "Renew Request" link located above the transaction. The renewal link will not be visible if the lending library does not permit renewals.

  • How long can I borrow material?
  • Loan periods for books and other materials vary depending on the lending library's policies (it could be 3 weeks to a month). Articles and other scanned documents that are delivered to your ILL account will be available to view and download for thirty days from the date they are received.

  • How will I know when my ILL request has arrived?
  • We will email you when your item arrives. Books and other physical items will be held at the library's circulation desk on the first floor. Articles are normally uploaded onto your ILL account. Instructions on how to access and download articles will be outlined in your notification message. Please make sure that your current email address is listed in your ILL account.

  • What is the status of my ILL request?
  • Under the "Outstanding" tab you will find a list of requests that are outstanding. Click on specific request to see its status. An explanation of each status is listed here. If the status you are looking for is not listed, please contact the ILL office at for more information.

For libraries requesting materials from John Jay

  • Who do we lend to?
  • We lend to non-profit and academic institutions anywhere in the world. Priority will be given to CUNY schools, IDS Libraries, and institutions in New York State. We do not lend to law firms.

  • What materials do we lend?
  • We prioritize requests for criminal justice and fire science materials as these items constitute the library's unique collection. We supply monographs from the circulating collection, journal articles, as well as Trial Transcripts from our Special Collections. We accept requests from other CUNY libraries for videos and DVDs, but we recommend that you email to confirm that we can lend the requested title.

  • How can libraries submit their requests?
  • Requests will be accepted via OCLC. Our OCLC symbol is VVJ. We will also accept ALA interlibrary loan forms by email (

  • How much do we charge?
  • John Jay College believes in free resource sharing. We do not charge for ILL.

  • How long do we loan items for?
  • Eight weeks. One renewal may be requested via OCLC WorldShare or via email (

  • How do we request Trial Transcripts?
  • Submit a loan request via OCLC WorldShare to symbol VVJ and indicate which reel and trial numbers you are requesting. The OCLC number for the collection is 25107755. You can also email your request to (

Request books, articles and more!

John Jay faculty, staff and graduate students can use our Interliberary Loan (ILL) service to request items such as books, articles, and other materials that are not available via the John Jay College Library, and that cannot be requested through the CUNY Libraries Inter-Campus Book Delivery Service (CLICS). John Jay undergraduate students can request articles and scans of items that are not available through the John Jay College Library. ILL is for academic research purposes.

How do I submit a request?

New to Interlibrary Loan? Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Login with your John Jay email username (minus the portion) and password.
  2. You will then be prompted to complete our registration form.
  3. Complete an article, book, etc. request form and we will be in touch via email about the status of your request.

Books are available for pick up from the first floor circulation desk typically in 1-2 weeks, depending on the title. We will email you when it arrives.

Articles are ready to download from your ILL account generally within a week, depending on the journal. We will email you when it arrives.

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